SIG on Technology in Language Assessment


Vincent Folny and Dominique Casanova

Öppen för: 

Anyone with an interest in the use of technology for testing. As this SIG uses webinar tools, its audience is large (all our colleagues in Europe and around the world).

Nästa möte: 

November 2021 (date TBC) 

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Current Work:

The SIG on Technology conducted a study on the use of technology and the needs for information and training among ALTE members and professionals from the field of language testing. The outcomes of the needs survey will help us make a proposals of an agenda for webinars.

Vårt fokus:

The SIG on Technology focuses on the use of technology for development, analysis and improvement of the quality of examinations (reliability, validity, feasibility and security). Our focuse is concrete, aiming to improve the digital literacy applied to language testing and the mastery of these new skills. It will help language testers to make informed choices. This SIG is working on consequences of the use of new technologies, opportunities and limits.

Våra nyheter:

Delivery of the outcomes of the Needs survey (Survey involving professionals from all around Europe).

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