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Digital Language Testing with Artificial Intelligence         

Language testing, like the rest of the digital world, is being shaken up by the meteoric rise and wide applicability of Artificial Intelligence. As a language tester, it is important to keep a close eye on the evolutions in this field, to see potential threats (e.g. fraud), but even more so to see the many opportunities that AI offers.

This course covers the various aspects of digital (language) testing and the possible place AI can have in it.    

What knowledge and/or skills will I gain from this course?

This course covers the following:

  • A general introduction to AI and the types of AI of interest for language testing. Also focusing on the difference between the use of AI by the test organisers and by the test takers or candidates.
  • The place and role of AI in the different phases of digital test taking (preparation, test-taking itself, monitoring and invigilating, (semi-) automatic grading, results processing).
  • AI in the authoring process
    • How can AI help in the production of language tests
    • AI-generated questions
    • AI-generated answers
    • AI-generated source materials (text, images, audio, video)
  • AI in the test taking phase
    • including monitoring, invigilating, procturing
  • AI in the grading process
    • How can AI assist humans in the grading process?
    • Can AI do autonomous grading?
  • AI in the results processing
    • How can AI help in better processing of test results?

How is this course delivered?

This one-day course is delivered face-to-face and consists of four 90-minute sessions. 

Who is the course tutor?

The course  will be presented by Bert Wylin. Bert has both an academic and a business profile. He has worked at the KU Leuven since 1993, leading the Education Innovation Centre (integrating EdTech in education). In 2001, he founded a KU Leuven university spin-off, now Televic Education, developing and servicing an e-assessment platform. Today, Bert’s focus is on the content side of e-assessment: how does technology best serve the didactic and pedagogical needs of knowledge and skills measurement and assessment?


"An excellent intro to AI in assessment. Considering how quickly the AI scene is evolving, the course offers a comprehensive overview for this point in time."

When is the next course?

The date of the next course is to be confirmed soon.

How can I register?

Registration for this course is not yet open.

Expression of Interest

If you would like to express your interest in this course, or any other ALTE course, please click here.

Can several people from the same organisation join this course?

For group bookings, ALTE advises to book a maximum of three places per organisation.

How can I pay?

Full payment is required on registration. We strongly recommend that payment is made online using a Visa, MasterCard or American Express. However, if it is not possible to pay with a credit/debit card when registering, please contact the ALTE Services Unit ( to request an invoice with bank transfer payment instructions.

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